रविवार, मार्च 23

I am not

Though I wasted major,
Nobody knows my efforts,
For everyone around,
I am just a normal girl,
A mere Girl,
A poor Girl....

But hey..
I am not ..
I am not,
The one,
You think,
You observed,
And you predict....

I am totally abnormal,
I've uncounted achievements,
I am rich,

Though Richness has different direction,
Nobody knows my unique meanings,
For everyone around,
I am just a beautiful girl,
At every next door,
With lots of attitude,
absent mind,
Nd Always lied,
Nd Future surely bright..

But hey..
I am not,
I'hv d beauty resource,
She is my mom,
But something I'hv,
Which is mine,
I think,
Nd I feel,
Nd I hope,

I dream,
Nd I fly,
Nd I swim..

I'hv a mind,
O..yes, yes
I am pure,
I am feminine,

Its a lady believe,
Not the atti,
Your's ...fragnance,
The style,
All one side..

My one,
Only one,
pure smile,
Direct from the heart,
Is more brighter...

keep that in your mind,

I am not...
I am not..
Just a beautiful girl
Or the girl next door,
Or a poor girl
Or a mere girl....
© गुंजन झाझारिया

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