सोमवार, अप्रैल 14

People and family

Last night,
I had an argument,
with my mom,
She told me,
I am not up on her desires,
I told her,
You don't love me,
She told me,
I am rude,
I told her,
You'r not caring,
She blamed,
I don't listen,
I blamed,
You don't understand,
We both were angry,
With the,
Red-blue-yellow-orange sunny rays,
Of the morning,
She came,
In my room,
With a cup of tea,
I wasn't remember,
The last night fight,
I call her again 'mamma',
Which dress,
should I wear today,
She rudely replied,
A sigh of relief,
Mom is cool now,
She love me,
and care for me.
At the same time,
I got a message,
It was an old left friend,
With Whom,
I had a small argument,
one year back,
And here,
I deleted her message,
As I knw,
I dnt want again,
People who left me once.
There's a clear line,
People and family..
I ll be angry with them,
I ll be happy with them,
I ll be cry,
Because of them,
For them,
I truly value them .
© गुंजन झाझारिया

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